.AERO domain zone?

Started by Kralj187, Sep 15, 2022, 03:15 AM

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Does the .aero domain zone have any demand or is it completely inactive due to restrictions and the registration/renewal fee? My friends are considering dropping a valuable domain in that zone, but I'm not sure if it's worth it given the registration difficulties and high cost.

It's not just a matter of confirmed involvement; you need to obtain an ID through SITA by submitting an application and receiving confirmation. While this may not be an issue for airports or airlines, it could be problematic for resale purposes.

On the other hand, there may still be some potential for the .aero zone, especially for companies directly involved in the aviation industry. It ultimately depends on the specific circumstances and goals of those interested in registering a domain in that zone.


Two years ago, I explored the domain options available on sedo and found that the best English words were priced between $500-2000 for many years. While there were some offers, I ultimately decided that registering a domain in that zone wasn't worthwhile.

As you mentioned, the restrictions on registering a .aero domain are quite stringent. One needs to have confirmed involvement with airlines or scientific organizations related to astronautics or aeronautics and must provide proper documentation. However, if one has experience in that field, like I do from my previous job, it could be worth pursuing a .aero domain.


The .aero domain is available for registration to various categories of persons, organizations, and companies related to the aviation industry. These include airlines and air transportation operators, airports, civil aviation organizations, aerospace and logistics companies, airport security services, ticket sellers, aviation-related training providers, magazines and other printed materials related to the industry, government aviation organizations, airshow organizers, aircraft robot manufacturers, air sports enthusiasts, and amateur aviation enthusiasts.

There are many areas where a .aero domain could be useful, making it a valuable option for those in the aviation industry. If you fall under one of these categories and have yet to secure a .aero domain, it could be worth considering as it has the potential to bring you success.


The demand for .aero domain zone is relatively low compared to other popular domain extensions like .com or .org. The restrictions and registration process, which require obtaining an ID through SITA, can be a deterrent for many individuals or businesses. However, for airports, airlines, or companies directly involved in the aviation industry, there may still be some value in registering a .aero domain.

It's important to consider the specific circumstances and goals of your friends before deciding whether to drop the valuable domain in the .aero zone. If they have a strong connection to the aviation industry and believe that having a .aero domain will provide them with unique branding opportunities or credibility, it might be worth the registration difficulties and high cost. On the other hand, if they are primarily interested in resale purposes or if their connection to the aviation industry is weak, it may not be worth the investment.

It is difficult to determine the exact demand for .aero domain because it can vary depending on the specific market and industry trends. However, overall, it is fair to say that the demand for .aero domains is relatively low compared to other more popular top-level domains.

The restrictions and registration process associated with .aero domains can be seen as barriers for some individuals or businesses. The requirement of obtaining an ID through SITA, along with the associated application and confirmation process, can make it more challenging and time-consuming to register a .aero domain. Additionally, the higher registration and renewal fees compared to other domain extensions may deter some potential registrants.

However, for businesses directly involved in the aviation industry, such as airports, airlines, or aviation-related companies, there may still be value in having a .aero domain. It can help establish credibility and recognition within the industry and differentiate themselves from competitors. Having a domain extension that aligns with the industry they operate in can also enhance their brand identity.

Ultimately, the decision to drop or retain a valuable .aero domain should consider factors such as the specific goals and target audience of your friends, their level of involvement in the aviation industry, and the potential benefits they expect to gain from having a .aero domain.