Domain name Financing

Started by titris, Jun 21, 2022, 12:46 PM

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Have you heard of
They recently sent me an email stating that they provide cash advances for "premium domains." It sounds similar to a domain pawn shop. Have you or anyone you know utilized their services before?


I have had an experience with them before, and it was relatively satisfactory. However, if you do decide to use their services, be mindful that they charge a 5% monthly interest rate on the balance owed for at least two months.

Additionally, the only available methods to transfer funds are through either wire transfer (in which you have to cover the associated fees) or regular mail. If you intend to utilize escrow to purchase a domain, you will also be responsible for covering their regular fees in addition to the cost of wiring money to the escrow service.


I am not familiar with this company. After visiting their website, I found the content to be somewhat confusing and unprofessional. Based on what I saw, I do not believe that they are a legitimate or reputable business.