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Started by atocloud, Jul 15, 2022, 09:51 AM

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atocloudTopic starter

Is the confirmation letter for the activation of Sedo MLS Premium sent automatically from the registrar or is it necessary to be written manually? I currently have domains on Dynadot that I have connected to Sedo and have attempted to activate Sedo MLS Premium, but have received a message stating "Activation request not accepted by registar".

Despite checking my spam folder, I have not received any correspondence from Dynadot. What steps can I take to successfully complete the activation process?


Check the domain manager for the appearance of the "Set sedomls type" inscription on the right. It is possible that after activating the first domain in this manner, the icon will appear. If the inscription is not present, it may indicate an issue in your Sedo account. In order to resolve this, attempt to complete a request for the activation of sedomls through your account, ensuring that all checkboxes are selected as per agreements.
This process may involve navigating through multiple pages.


Sedo MLS Premium is useless for domain sellers.
All the program does is double the commission for the SEDO.