When buying a domain name, is it necessary to buy hosting?

Started by apolice9, Mar 06, 2023, 02:28 AM

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apolice9Topic starter

I used an online builder to create a website and later bought a domain from a different platform. After that, I connected the website to the domain.
Now, my question is whether I still need to acquire hosting services for the domain or if simply linking the website to the domain will enable me to publish it online. This situation is quite puzzling.


The inquiry at hand is quite convoluted, so let me break it down for you.

1. Firstly, it is essential to create a website, irrespective of the platform or method used. A website consists of a file called index.html and potentially other files.

2. Next, we need to purchase hosting services and a domain, such as from Namecheap or a similar provider.

3. Once the hosting and domain are secured, we download the website files, including the index.html file and any additional files, onto the hosting platform.

4. Finally, we connect the hosting services to the domain name, ensuring that the website is accessible through the domain.

In summary, the process involves creating a website, obtaining hosting and a domain, uploading the website files to the hosting platform, and linking the hosting to the domain.


Once you have utilized an online website builder, it implies that your hosting is provided within the same platform. Generally, such builders are associated with free hosting services. However, it is important to note that this might negatively impact your website's performance in search engines due to low page loading speed.

I would advise considering paid hosting options as they are reasonably priced and can greatly enhance your site's search engine optimization. From a website designer's perspective, if you opt for paid hosting, I recommend utilizing a Content Management System (CMS). Setting up a CMS is typically no more complex than using a website builder, and if you utilize pre-designed templates, you won't require extensive knowledge of HTML or PHP. Though having a basic understanding of HTML is still beneficial.

For online stores, I highly recommend considering OpenCart as a viable option. It offers a robust set of features and capabilities specifically tailored for e-commerce purposes.


If you have already connected your website to the domain, it means that you have associated the domain name with the website's IP address. In this case, you may not need to acquire separate hosting services for the domain. However, it is important to understand how your website builder works and whether it provides hosting services as part of its package.

If your website builder includes hosting, then you're all set. But if it does not, you might still need to acquire hosting services separately to ensure your website is published online. It's best to review the documentation or contact the support team of your website builder and domain provider for a clear understanding of your specific situation.