Which domain name zones are most popular?

Started by tomjohn, Sep 06, 2022, 10:11 AM

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The question is about choosing the best domain zone for a new project.
How does the choice of the domain zone affect the selling price of links and ads?

Additionally, what are the most in-demand domain zones? For instance, what about "zone" of .city and .club domains? The former costs over $20, while the latter seems to be gaining popularity and costs 1-1.5 euros. The domain info at the intended address costs around 3-3.15 euros.

Choosing the right domain zone can make a significant impact on your project's success. It's essential to consider various factors, such as price, availability, and relevance to your target audience, before making a decision. Some domain zones may cost more than others but might be worth the investment in the long run.


In my opinion, the choice of domain zone doesn't matter if the website is successful and has suitable indicators for link buyers. If a website lacks the necessary indicators for any domain zone, then links won't be bought from it.

To avoid disappointment, it's best to go for the usual .COM, .NET, or .ORG domains that everyone recognizes. However, if you come across a beautiful name already taken in popular zones, it's worth considering other zones and the costs associated with their annual maintenance.

When it comes to selling links, it's better to choose the more well-known domain zones. Those present on link-selling exchanges such as GGL are especially valuable since they're included in search settings. In the search settings, there's a category named "Others," where less popular domain zones are listed. It's not recommended to choose a domain zone from the "Others" list for link-selling purposes.

Choosing the right domain zone can make a difference in various contexts, such as website success and link-selling. It's essential to understand your project's goals and target audience to select an appropriate domain zone that aligns with your interests.


The three traditional domain zones (.com, .net, .org) remain at the top, but the popularity of new international domains is increasing. The .xyz domain has already reached the sixth position in terms of popularity.

The Tokelau domain (.tk) became a popular international and regional domain due to its low pricing, making it an attractive option for PBN specialists.

Germany's national domain zone (.de) has become mega-popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its association with the word decentralization.

The Columbia domain (.co) is often used as a corporate domain instead of the more traditional .com.

A fascinating example of a TLD's transformation from regional to international is the .bar domain for a Montenegrin city. Since 2013, it's been actively used by bars, restaurants, and themed portals.

As the digital landscape evolves, domain zones' popularity can change, depending on current trends, user behavior, and marketing strategies. It's important to stay updated on these developments to make informed choices when selecting a domain zone for your project.