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Started by soniya_ss, Oct 11, 2022, 03:38 AM

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soniya_ssTopic starter

I need advice on purchasing a domain name urgently. We came across a free domain in the .net zone, while the identical domain in the .com zone is being sold for approximately $10K. Is it worth it to purchase a free domain in the .net domain zone?

Moving on to the second question, a four-lettered keyword domain was found available in all other international zones, except for one where it is being sold for almost $90K. Do you think it's worth it to buy this domain in the .name zone?

Thank you for any insights you may have.

Also, what are your thoughts on four-letter domain names in the .com zone? Can they really be obtained for free registration?


The feasibility of buying and selling domains depends on their purchase price. If the price is nominal, it's worth considering a transaction. However, if the domain is being sold for a high price like $10K, it's unlikely to be sold easily.

It's important to note that content and optimization are more important factors than just owning a domain. While there may not be as much activity in certain zones, for instance, .net, domain names in this zone are still frequently sold on SEDO.

Given the high price of domains in the .com zone, it may be wise to consider purchasing them.