Buying domain name for $ 6500 on Sedo

Started by Abhinavjain, Jul 06, 2022, 04:40 AM

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AbhinavjainTopic starter

I want to buy a domain for $6500 and want to follow the usual process. Can someone help me with the following questions:

1. If I pay for the domain from a different payment method than what is indicated on the Sedo invoice due to incorrect buyer data, will there be any issues?

2. Sedo rules state that invoices above $5k are in pdf format which is difficult to pay. Can the invoice be split for card payment? Also, are there any other payment methods available apart from the pdf invoice?

3. What is the best process to acquire the domain if the data on the Sedo account is incorrect? Can I push it to another registrar after acquiring it?

4. Which registrar would you recommend for transferring a .com domain related to cаsino, pоker or sports betting? Which one provides insurance against abuse?


1. It is not going to happen.
2. They will not divide the bill.
3. Push can only be done within the same registrar. Once your payment is verified and the domain is received from the seller, it will be transferred to your account with the current registrar. You will be able to take any action you want with it. The transfer will take 60 days as the contact details change.
4. You may consider giving a try.


Sedo offers four payment options for their services: PayPal (up to $10k), Wire Transfer (any amount), Direct Deposit (ACH) and paper receipt. According to my experience, getting a voucher is the most convenient option.

Before listing on Sedo, you should evaluate your idea upfront.

1. You will be charged $7 for "certification" to confirm your data.

2. It is not possible to sell a domain name for less than $60.

3. The Sedo commission ranges from 10% (for buy-it-now) to 15% (20% for SedoMLS) but will not be less than $50.

4. If you decide to use the Sedo Escrow service, there will be an additional 3% charge, but it won't be less than $50.

In other words, it's worthwhile if you have an exceptionally good domain name. If you participate in thematic premium auctions, you can earn good money. But in most cases, it makes more sense to sell your domain name within your network, on forums or on domain name websites.