Domain name you regretted buying

Started by kosmon, Oct 06, 2022, 12:30 AM

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Have you ever made a purchasing decision that you've come to regret in the domain industry?
At the start of my investment journey, I stumbled upon a seller (on Facebook or some other platform) who sold domain names exclusively for certain countries. Being inexperienced, I bought a .de domain name from them. Unfortunately, this investment didn't yield any returns and I eventually gave up on it.

On a separate note, investing in proper training lessons can greatly benefit one's domain investments.


A company wished to acquire the domain name, but discovered it was owned by a broker of premium addresses, The business model of is to lease out expensive domain names for a monthly fee - in this case, $2,000 per month for

The cost of purchasing from its owner was initially quoted at $500,000, which was deemed too high by ConvertKit. However, after some negotiation, the price was lowered to $310,000.
As of July 2018, ConvertKit announced that they had decided not to proceed with changing their name.

It's important to carefully consider the costs and benefits of acquiring premium domain names such as Companies should weigh the potential value such an investment could bring to their business against the associated costs.


When purchasing a domain name, it's essential to note that the provider is solely interested in selling the domain and will not take responsibility for its history. Therefore, it's crucial to conduct thorough research on the domain's history before making any decisions.

If a domain was previously registered for an extended period of time (over 7 years) but is now available for registration, there's a greater chance that it has a poor history. It could have been associated with spamming or other negative activities, resulting in potential issues such as poor search engine rankings, blacklisting, and decreased traffic. Taking the time to investigate a domain's history can help avoid these problems in the future.

It's also crucial to ensure that the domain name aligns with your brand, target audience, and overall business goals. A poorly chosen domain name can negatively impact a company's online presence and make it difficult to establish a strong online identity.