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Started by kr1e, Apr 14, 2023, 01:02 AM

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kr1eTopic starter

Hi everyone,

I came across a 3-word domain name that I want to register, but its spam score is very high and it has been dropped 3 times in the past. Should I avoid registering it?

Also, do you think hand-registering a domain could be a good option for domain parking if it has high search volume and CPC? I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.


When considering whether to register a domain name with a high spam score that has been dropped multiple times in the past, it's important to exercise caution. Such a domain may have a negative reputation, which can affect its ranking and potential for success. It is generally advisable to avoid domains with a history of being dropped multiple times as they may have underlying issues.

Regarding hand-registering a domain for parking purposes, if it has high search volume and CPC (cost per click), it could potentially be a good option. However, success in domain parking relies on various factors such as keyword relevance, quality of traffic, and advertising revenue. It is essential to thoroughly research and analyze the domain's potential before making a decision.

Here are some additional considerations when it comes to registering a domain with a high search volume and CPC for domain parking:

1. Keyword Relevance: Ensure that the domain name is closely related to popular keywords in its niche. This increases the likelihood of attracting relevant traffic and generating higher advertising revenue.

2. Quality of Traffic: It's important to assess the quality of the traffic generated by the domain. High search volume doesn't always guarantee valuable traffic. Analyze the target audience and determine if they are likely to engage with the content and ads on your parked domain.

3. Advertising Revenue: Research the potential earnings from Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising platforms. Determine if the CPC rates are competitive for the keywords related to your domain. This will help you evaluate the potential revenue generation.

4. Domain Reputation: Investigate the history of the domain name beyond just past drops. Check if it has been associated with any blacklisted or spam activities in the past. A domain with a negative reputation can hinder its success in domain parking.

5. Market Trends: Consider the current and future trends in the industry of the domain. A domain with high search volume and CPC may not hold its value if the market becomes obsolete or experiences a significant decline.

6. Competition: Evaluate the level of competition in the niche or industry related to the domain. A highly competitive market may make it harder to generate substantial traffic and revenue from parked domains.

7. Brandability: Determine if the domain has the potential to be a recognizable and brandable name. A memorable and catchy domain can attract more visitors and increase the chances of generating advertising revenue.

8. Long-Term Potential: Consider the long-term potential of the domain. Will the topic or niche remain relevant and in demand over time? Investing in a domain with enduring popularity can increase the chances of sustained success.

9. SEO Factors: Evaluate the domain's potential for search engine optimization. Does it contain relevant keywords or phrases? Is it easy to spell and remember? Such factors can contribute to better visibility in search engines and attract organic traffic.

10. Future Development: Consider if there are any plans to develop the domain beyond parking. If you have potential plans for an active website or business on the domain in the future, it may influence your decision to register and park it now.