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Started by rabindra, Dec 26, 2022, 10:39 AM

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Do you need assistance with a specialist consultation? I have registered several domains in the health and medicine category, but upon checking WHOIS to continue with the process, I discovered that all domains had already been pre-registered, expired, and abandoned multiple times. Despite this, these "Specific" domains have decreased three to five times and remain available for listing. Interestingly, keywords related to these domains have high demand in Google search, with 500-1500 queries per month. These domains are appealing to me, and I want to purchase them for redirect purposes as they have aged between 10-20 years.

However, these domains are invalid and lack DAPA, backlinks, and Google indexing. Should I continue buying and scrolling based on the desired keywords?

If so, what factors should I consider before making a purchase? The Estibot estimate for these domains ranges from $300 to $1500.

Please feel free to share your feedback.

As an addition, it is important to note that purchasing expired domains can be risky, as there could be potential legal issues or penalties associated with these domains. It is best to thoroughly research and assess the domain's history and reputation before considering a purchase.


It's important to consider the purchaser and purpose behind buying a domain name.

Just because something is thrown away doesn't mean it's worthless.
Discarding an item does not necessarily diminish its value.

When it comes to a domain name, it's not just about the words used but also the association and branding potential it holds.
A domain name's value lies not only in the words it contains, but also in the potential brand recognition and association it offers.

Ultimately, the purchaser of a domain name is looking to make a strategic investment in their business or brand.
Investing in a domain name can provide strategic advantages for a business or brand.


While it may be tempting to purchase expired domains with high-demand keywords, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Domain History: Research the domain's history to understand why it has been pre-registered, expired, and abandoned multiple times. Look for any potential red flags such as spammy or malicious activities associated with the domain.

2. Quality of Backlinks: Check the quality and relevance of the backlinks pointing to the domain. High-quality, authoritative backlinks can positively impact the domain's ranking potential.

3. Google Indexing: Look into whether the domain has been indexed by Google. If it hasn't, it could indicate that the domain has been penalized or has other issues.

4. Potential Legal Issues: Consider any potential legal issues associated with the domain, especially if it was previously used for unethical purposes. Be aware that purchasing and using such domains can lead to legal trouble or harm your brand's reputation.

5. Estibot Estimate: While Estibot provides an estimated value for a domain, it's important to remember that these estimates are not always accurate. Consider other factors, such as the ones mentioned above, before solely relying on the estimate.

6. Domain Age: The fact that these domains have aged between 10-20 years can be advantageous. Older domains tend to have more credibility in the eyes of search engines and may have built some level of authority over time.

7. Relevance: Ensure that the domains you are considering are relevant to your niche or industry. Having a domain name that aligns with your target keywords can improve your chances of ranking well in search engine results.

8. Traffic Potential: While the domains may lack Google indexing at the moment, check if they have any existing traffic. Tools like SimilarWeb or SEMrush can provide insights into the historic traffic patterns of a domain. This can give you an idea of the potential audience reach once you redirect the domain.

9. Brand Reputation: Thoroughly research the reputation of the domains before purchasing. Look for any negative reviews or associations that could harm your brand's image.

10. Redirect Strategy: Have a clear plan for how you will redirect and utilize the purchased domains. Make sure your strategy aligns with your overall business goals and that redirecting the domains will be beneficial to your website's traffic and rankings.