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Started by alinadhomas, Apr 13, 2023, 12:19 AM

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alinadhomasTopic starter

I have a few domains and I use the standard NS5.AFTERNIC.COM/NS6.AFTERNIC.COM for Buy Now landers.

But now, instead of showing the full details of the domain, it only displays the "This domain may be for sale" option. Can you suggest any ideas to fix this issue?
Also, note that the domains are hosted at GoDaddy and are also listed on Afternic.


I like the 3/4 better.
However, the 5/6 displays prices in local currencies with a small and inconspicuous currency symbol. This poses an issue in countries with weaker currencies, as the large numbers displayed may be mistaken for dollars and appear too expensive.

To resolve this, a more distinct currency symbol or the use of dollar/euro symbols universally could be implemented, as most people are familiar with currency conversions.