Domain name trading strategies

Started by anya_catherine, Jul 30, 2022, 12:28 AM

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anya_catherineTopic starter

Hi there!

A beginner's query - what are the various strategies involved in purchasing and selling domain zones? Could you name a few that offer minimal risk?
Are there any training programs available on this subject? Would be great to learn from someone's personal experience :)

Thank you!

Jacques Chapman

The most common advice is to purchase domain names that are similar to popular brands and then resell them, but a successful resale strategy requires more than that. Here are a few tips:
1. Invest in uppercase LLL domains (.com .org .net) but avoid lesser-known ones such as .so, .po, .cci and others.
2. Avoid purchasing cheap domains because they are difficult to resell.
3. Check and register domain names with the exact keywords of well-known companies on various websites.
4. Store and verify domain names in whois.
5. Invest in education and research to know which domain names are in demand and which are not, as trends may surprise you.
6. Utilize the search engine effectively to determine the value of a domain name. By exploring marketsearch, you can understand how much you can sell it for.
7. Decide whether to focus on selling domains within a specific niche or the general market.


To succeed in domain name trading, determining the cost of different domains is crucial. The URL itself can provide an indication of the domain's value. Top-level domains like .com or are in high demand compared to new TLDs like .beauty. Short, concise domains are preferable to longer, more complex ones containing unusual words, as they are less likely to be sold for a high price.

Additionally, domains are advertised as SEO aspects, and if the domain name already contains a significant search query, it may be more valuable. To gain an understanding of the market, you can utilize online tools like Namebio to see the sale price of similar domain names, which helps you determine a reasonable price for your domain.

It's crucial to strike a balance between pricing your domain at a fair rate while also aiming to obtain the highest possible price. If you want to get involved in domain trading regularly, be sure to pay attention to pricing trends over time. This will enable you to identify which domains are worth investing in and where trends in the market are heading.