How accurate are domain appraisal values

Started by fallfro, Mar 15, 2023, 07:36 AM

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I am currently attempting to assess the value of a domain through the use of an online calculator dedicated to domain evaluation. Typically, these calculators present a link to a website that has been sold for a certain amount under the XYZ number.

The question arises: should we regard this information as a reliable basis for domain evaluation? To what extent should we consider the evaluations provided by these calculators?

There are numerous factors to take into account when evaluating a domain, and it would be beneficial for everyone to contribute their thoughts on this matter.


Automated appraisals provide utility in identifying potentially valuable domain names. It is worth noting that domains with significant Godaddy or Estibot values warrant careful consideration. However, it is important to recognize that relying solely on automatic evaluation is not as precise as determining the true fair market price for domain names.

In order to obtain a more accurate assessment of a domain's value, additional factors such as industry relevance, brand potential, and market demand should be taken into account. While automated tools can offer a starting point, human judgment and expertise remain essential in determining the actual worth of a domain name.