Is it worth buying premium domain names in the .COM zone?

Started by SeMl, Sep 09, 2022, 12:32 AM

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Are premium domains in the .COM zone, 3-letter or 5-letter semantic domains worth purchasing?
Has the domain industry lost its steam?

What are the potential risks associated with purchasing such domains?
How much is a good domain name in this range currently valued at?

Is there a significant price difference between different platforms for purchasing such domains or is Sedo just as viable of an option as any other?

Despite owning a dozen domain names in my portfolio for over a decade, I left the industry six years ago.
However, with the emergence of full-fledged websites tailored specifically for smartphones (which offer much more functionality than mobile applications) potentially replacing the latter, I decided to look into the current state of com domain names as it may indicate a new era of development for domains.

As for my input on the topic, I believe it's important to thoroughly research and weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks before investing in any domain, regardless of its perceived value. Additionally, keeping up with current trends and changes in technology can help inform such decisions.


For beginners, investing in domain names may not be financially feasible.
Despite a stagnant market, potential new uses for domain names or institutional changes (such as domains being treated as property) may arise in the future.

At present, however, such changes are not expected in the near future and the number of domain names in a zone does not strongly correlate with the cost of domains on the secondary market (such as the .com zone).
It is currently difficult to make significant profits in the domain industry without taking on a significant amount of risk. Thus, while large sums of money may be tempting, the associated risks often negate any potential gains.

Experienced domain investors are able to incorporate these risks into their business models, but this is a challenging feat for beginners to undertake.

In my opinion, despite the potential challenges, it's important to stay informed about any shifts or developments in the domain industry. This can help identify potential opportunities and minimize risk when considering investment options.


As previously stated, the domain industry can be challenging for beginners, a sentiment that I agree with. Even those who have been in the industry for a long time may only experience success in certain months if they have a strong inventory of names to sell.

Furthermore, the prices of domain names are increasingly volatile, with even rare names having a wide range of prices (ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the seller). The definition of a "good" name also varies depending on the context - if your project falls into a less competitive niche, there may be more affordable options available.

In my view, it's important to carefully research and assess the potential risks before investing in any domain name. While there may be opportunities to make a profit, one must be prepared to navigate the market trends and fluctuations in order to do so successfully.


Premium domain names are concise, memorable, and can effectively represent the project they're associated with. By utilizing such domains, businesses can significantly increase their brand recognition and bolster their image.

Moreover, premium domains can alleviate the effort required for promoting the project since customers can easily access it via the direct URL.

Some entrepreneurs invest in premium .COM domain names with the intent of selling them for a profit later on. However, regardless of the purpose behind acquiring such domains, they can be a worthwhile investment as they can retain their value and appeal even if the company changes its focus in the future.

In my opinion, selecting a premium domain name requires careful consideration and evaluation. While they can provide significant benefits for a brand in terms of recognition and accessibility, they may also come at a higher cost. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the domain name aligns with the brand's messaging and values to ensure long-term success.
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