Problems getting money for domain from Sedo

Started by nick_sinigamy, Jul 05, 2022, 04:13 AM

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nick_sinigamyTopic starter

Hey colleagues, I have a problem. I sold a domain on Sedo for $6,000 and requested a withdrawal to my PayPal account. However, I received an email from Sedo stating that the payment was denied due to PayPal's individual limit of $10,000 on the balance.
Is there no other way to transfer funds from Sedo to PayPal?


The issue is related to PayPal's limits, so it's advisable to transfer the funds directly to your bank account instead.

Megan Brown

There's a great platform to sell your own domain name creations, with prices starting from $70 per domain. Once the rights to the domain are confirmed, the platform holds an auction. The exciting part is that if the domain generates interest, the price may increase several times over.
Though the platform takes a percentage of the sale, it is not exorbitant. Overall, Sedo is an excellent service for people who love to show their creativity. I highly recommend it!