When you buy a domain, do you know if you would sell it?

Started by Austin, Jun 25, 2022, 03:51 AM

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When you buy a domain name, do you know if you would sell it?

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Not at all
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I know I will sell 1 or 2 in xx names
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Do you ever feel confident that you will make a profit when selling a domain name you have acquired? While some experienced domainers have developed this "domaining sense," I personally may struggle due to my lack of expertise and possibly acquiring lower-quality, non-liquid names.
It takes time and effort to develop this sense, and it's a learning curve that I am still navigating.
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For those with experience in domain investing, it becomes easier to determine which domains will attract buyers and which won't. It's a matter of time and price. Therefore, you should have an idea of whether your domain holds a desirable factor and if the odds of attracting offers are in your favor.

This also applies when buying a domain in a field that you're passionate about, as you'll likely know beforehand if you plan to develop it or sell it outright. In my opinion, diligent investors don't often question this, since they have already done their research and understand the market.
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Whether a particular domain name sells in my lifetime or not is unimportant. This also applies to those operating at a low sales percentage, such as 1% to 2%. With only a 1% sell-through rate, it would take over 50 years for all of your names to sell (assuming you're not adding new names or liquidating).

Additionally, since my portfolio is continuously expanding, I don't anticipate that most of my names will sell within my lifetime. However, what's essential is that they sell at a near 1% rate of my entire portfolio each year.
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I think it's difficult to be certain when your domain will sell. There are times when you unexpectedly sell a low or medium-quality domain, while higher quality domains may remain parked and unsold indefinitely.


I've been using a couple of domains as speculation for a while. There was a bear market for bitcoin, there were fewer search queries in search engines, I bought free ones, then they flew away in the bull market for decent money))


It depends on many reasons, sometimes I try to catch expired domain ot the domain with short name expecially for selling. Good idea is to buy domain for selling with name of some international company.


I cannot be certain, but if my intention wasn't to sell it for a significantly higher price, I most likely wouldn't have purchased it. That's just me being fortunate.