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Started by parven, Jun 22, 2022, 05:01 AM

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The compiled List of Codes in this thread is a result of community effort. Additional codes and deals are welcome for posting without any tutorials, live links, or 3rd party site coupons. Current codes can be found in the last few pages of the thread, and any non-working codes can be reported for updates.

Affiliate codes are allowed, but discussion about GoDaddy's service should be avoided. This thread is solely for providing information that leads to discounts at GoDaddy. Enjoy the discounts!


The code cjcrmn35NP is still valid and offers a discount of 35%.


Im usually just typing 'godaddy promocodes' and looking for working discounts all around internet, they updating all the time so it's better to search for actual promocodes


The code "cjcgroupe" offers a new deal at $0.99,
while there are several old codes still valid, such as CJC99COM, CJC99COM2, CJC99COM8, CJC99ZCOM1, CJCCOUP99, CJCCOUP149, CJCSIGLERC, CJCRMN99U, CJCRMN2CP, CJCFW99, CJCTECH9, CJC149S1, DCUS149R, and TDEFR99.

Please note that the new deal is only suitable for first-time users and is limited to one domain per person.