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Started by Kevin56, Sep 22, 2022, 12:15 AM

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Is it worthwhile to create a free website considering that everyone now buys abandoned domains with backlinks? A good example is the free website offered by uCoz, which allows you to post basic content while still holding on to your domain name for possible future sale.


A website that includes external links and is present in catalogs and topics can be sold for a higher price due to its increased traffic and potential. This type of finished product requires very little in terms of settings and investment, making it an attractive purchase for buyers on website exchanges and forums. Specialized services are available to evaluate the worth of a site by taking into account various resource indicators and other factors.

Adding a stub page about the sale of a website can help mitigate any traffic losses and serve as an additional tool for potential buyers. When parking a domain name or adding a registrar to an auction hall, an automatic HTML stub labeled "Domain for sale" is provided as a template with the option to insert contact details and feedback information.

Increasing the value of a website can involve selling it along with its domain name and hosting, giving the future owner a turnkey solution. The reliability and cost of the hosting provider is a factor in determining the price of the site being sold.

Developers often create ready-made websites without binding them to a specific domain name, but the difficulty in assessing their potential limits their demand in the marketplace. However, the value of such sites can be increased by incorporating unique design elements, complex themes, and self-written CMS.


Creating a free website can have its benefits, even with the presence of abandoned domains being bought for their backlinks. While it is true that some people may profit from purchasing expired domains with established backlinks, there are still advantages to creating a free website.

Firstly, by using a free website platform like uCoz, you can easily build and publish basic content without any financial investment. This can be particularly useful if you're just starting out or have budget constraints. Additionally, having your own domain name can provide credibility and make it easier for others to find and remember your website.

Furthermore, creating and maintaining a website with valuable and unique content can help attract organic traffic and build your online presence. By consistently updating your website with high-quality content, you can also generate your own backlinks over time, which can contribute to improving your site's search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility.

more advantages of creating a free website:

1. Experimentation: A free website allows you to test different ideas, designs, and content strategies without committing financial resources upfront. You can try out various layouts, features, and themes to find what works best for your needs.

2. Learning opportunity: Building a website from scratch or using a website builder can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge about web development, design, and content creation. This can be beneficial if you're interested in expanding your technical abilities or pursuing a career in the field.

3. Flexibility: Free website platforms often offer a range of customization options, allowing you to personalize your site and make it unique. You have the freedom to modify the design, add or remove features, and tailor it to suit your specific goals and branding.

4. Low maintenance costs: By opting for a free website, you can avoid ongoing expenses associated with hosting and domain registration. While there may be limitations in terms of storage space, bandwidth, and features compared to paid options, it can still be cost-effective, especially when starting out.

5. Networking and collaboration: Having a website can serve as a hub where you can connect with others who share similar interests, collaborate on projects, or showcase your work. It can help you build a community, attract like-minded individuals, and foster new opportunities.

while a free website offers several advantages, it's important to carefully consider your long-term goals. If your website gains significant traction or evolves into a business, you may eventually need to invest in a