What do you think of this promotion?

Started by metallexportprom, Jun 24, 2022, 03:39 AM

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What could be more enjoyable than having a barbecue on a warm and sunny day in May? It's even better because we're offering discounts for our well-known Openprovider memberships. Don't miss out on this special deal, take a look at the link provided below. :meat_on_bone:

Link to discount: https://www.openprovider.com/membership-plans/coupons/bbq-discount
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How much will the domain prices change with this membership?


This is an excellent deal if you have a large number of domains and work with many TLDs.
It's a great way to consolidate all your domains with one registrar while also having access to various tools and automation features. Overall, it's a highly recommended offer.


We frequently offer promotions and discounts, sometimes even with a discount of 100%. By keeping your audience informed of these promotions, you can significantly increase your earnings. Promotions can be a powerful tool for attracting attention and boosting conversions.

How you're paid for our services depends on the type of payment you're using. If it's an annual or monthly payment service (such as domain registration or web-forwarding), the entire sum is charged immediately. However, for services that can be deleted with a refund of unused funds (like virtual hosting or VPS) remuneration is not charged until use (once a day).

For cloud server services, there's a one-time reward of $10 when the attracted user spends at least $10 on any number of cloud servers, but this payment will only be made one month after their first payment.

Please note that bonuses are not given when ordering premium domains and domains purchased in the Domain Store. If the referrer hasn't attracted any referrals who have ordered new services within the last twelve months, accruing bonuses may be suspended, and current referral links for services may be cancelled. Revoked bindings are not restored. Additionally, if there are bonuses on the referral balance that were accrued more than a year ago, they will be written off and become unavailable for use.