Where to transfer .pro and .net domains?

Started by redshrey, Jul 24, 2022, 03:29 AM

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redshreyTopic starter

Can you advise on the best places to transfer .net and .pro domains with a one-year extension? I'm looking for options with low prices or current promotions in these zones.
Thank you, colleagues.


I transferred my .net domain to Namecheap.com yesterday for $11.16 (including ICANN fee) without using any codes or coupons, but there might be cheaper options available. GoDaddy offers periodic discounts and promotions, which you can check out in the link below:

Wiley Harding

I recently undertook the transfer of 49 domain names from one registrar to another. After requesting and receiving codes, I allocated them and initiated the transfer process. Technical support from the new registrar provided me with a list of codes for the transfer, and the process began smoothly.

To prevent any potential website downtime, I had registered DNS strictly on all domains with two different locations - one on a rack with web hosting servers, and another on a VPS in another country. This is to ensure that if my connection with my server goes down again, my customers' subdomains would still remain connected to other racks located in different data centers.

The transfer process took almost two weeks, during which I communicated with tech support from both the old and new web hostings several times. Despite promises of quick resolutions, progress was slow. Interestingly, the old hosting provider contacted me a couple of times, offering discounts and inquiring why I immediately transferred everything away from them.