Why is it dangerous to buy .COM domains with Godaddy coupons?

Started by SanviMalhotra, Jul 13, 2022, 05:20 AM

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SanviMalhotraTopic starter

Can you tell me about the drawbacks and likelihood of being banned when using Godaddy coupons to purchase .coms, and is there a way to avoid this? Additionally, is it plausible to edit the whois information to reflect my own details at a later time when registering for various names?


It seems that you already understand the repercussions of creating fake accounts, which includes a ban on all accounts and the cancellation of domain registration. To avoid this consequence, it is important to abide by the rules and not register multiple accounts.

While it is possible to change the account information, if one account is caught engaging in illicit activity, all associated accounts may be exposed and banned.


How can I use a coupon code on GoDaddy's website?
GoDaddy is widely known as the largest domain name registrar online, providing a wide range of services such as email tariff plans, web hosting, site creation, SSL certificates, and many more. At the time of purchase, you can benefit from special discount offers provided by applying a promo coupon or code.

Where can I obtain GoDaddy coupon codes?
Multiple coupon code websites offer GoDaddy coupons, but it is important to note that in most cases, the transaction will be applied automatically without needing to enter a coupon code. When utilizing promo coupons on GoDaddy, bear these facts in mind:

It's possible to try multiple promo codes while completing your purchase process to receive the best price.
Using separate coupons when buying different products is advisable as most coupons are product-specific.
If the promo code isn't applied, attempt once again after clearing your browser cache.

GoDaddy periodically distributes a free coupon code to registered users, and a vast number of free codes may also be found online.
The link to the coupon code might not be available during checkout for every country, and coupon codes are only valid for particular countries.