Why there are different prices for domain name registration?

Started by Novel Web Solution, Jul 25, 2022, 12:38 AM

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Hey there!
Can someone clarify why domain registration prices vary so much among registrars? Since domains are just a combination of letters, they shouldn't change in quality based on the price. Additionally, why is renewal frequently twice as expensive as registration?

These questions are rhetorical, and now onto practical matters.

I currently have over 50 domains registered and renewed with various providers. Out of all of them, GoDaddy has been the most costly and frustrating.

Can anyone suggest a place to centralize domain registration and renewal that is both affordable and high-quality? Please give me some options.


The varying prices for domain registration are due to individual pricing policies among registrars. Some registrars profit by selling in bulk at a low cost close to their base price, such as offering .com domains at a rate of $8.06. Alternatively, some sellers may offer cheaper prices but with numerous upsells that are unnecessary for domainers and SEO specialists, but may be attractive to the end user who is unaware that these extras aren't needed.

For example, GoDaddy spends millions on advertising like during the Super Bowl, resulting in Americans associating the term "domain" with GoDaddy. On the other hand, there are registrars who prioritize end users and maintain a high .com price of around $32, similar to how Network Solutions did so 25 years ago.


There are numerous root domain zones with unclear rules. I was informed by one registrar that they are unsure which domains are considered premium and which are not. The owner of the zone has considerable influence over whether a domain is classified as premium or not.

When a client orders and pays for a domain at the standard price, the registrar sends a registration application to the zone owner. The response is often along the lines of "after consultation, we have determined that this domain qualifies as premium". Overall, it's quite chaotic.