Advice for transferring expired/expiring domains

Started by argoway, Jun 21, 2022, 02:32 AM

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I have a need to transfer a number of expiring domains from a registrar that I'm leaving, but I'm concerned about the timing. I'm unsure of how long before the expiration date I should initiate the transfer, as I worry that the names may become stuck or that the losing registrar may interfere with the winning registrar's transfer.

The typical transfer time is 5 days, but I'm uncertain if initiating the transfer ensures the safety of the name. I am fairly certain that an expedited transfer will be blocked by the losing registrar. Although I've never encountered this issue before, I am seeking advice and information on what steps to take.


Unless they delete the domain, it is not permissible for them to refuse a transfer for a domain that has expired or has not been renewed, except in cases of fraud or ongoing udrp. What happens to expired domains? They are either deleted or put into Redemption Grace Period. If they are placed into RGP right away, it might create an issue as restoring the domain incurs fees, similar to what happens during the regular lifecycle of a domain when it is placed into RGP.

To learn more about the process, it is recommended to check the domain registration agreement with your registrar. Is this only applicable to gTLDs? The regulations could be different when dealing with tlds such as ccTLDs, where ICANN has no authority.


Typically, even if the transfer takes the full 5 days, you should be safe as long as you initiated the transfer via email confirmation one day before the domain expiration date. The transfer process should continue to completion within the 5 days.
I have been in this situation multiple times and have not encountered any issues. However, it is advisable to confirm with your registrar and double-check the timing.


The current domain owner can renew the domain after its expiration date at either the usual renewal price or a potentially increased price depending on the domain's stage of life. The international registrar has established this rule regarding possible price increases. It's important to remember to renew domain registration in the international zone in a timely manner, and enabling the Auto-Renewal option can help with this.

Different international domain zones have their own unique rules, including additional periods of limited domain operation and special renewal procedures which can be set by the registrar. If you have domains in other zones, it's recommended to check with the company's managers about the terms of domain renewal.