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Started by Roger Dave, Nov 30, 2022, 03:28 AM

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Roger DaveTopic starter

Hey there.

Could someone advise me on the best Backorder service to use to acquire a .com domain name? (The domain is currently owned by a German company, if that's relevant)

Is it effective to use multiple interception services at once?

I've been researching options like SnapNames and Pool, but I'm still unclear about one thing - if I successfully acquire the domain through one of these services, will they then put it up for auction?

Also, if SnapNames intercepts the domain name, do they register it for themselves before transferring it to my registrar later on?


SnapNames, NameJet, Pool (which is a smaller option), DropCatch, and GoDaddy are all examples of Backorder services.

If there are multiple orders for a domain, it will be put up for auction.

After being intercepted, the domain remains with its original registrar in a special account. Transfer is possible 60 days after interception.

Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase the domain directly from its current owner, though bids in expire/drop auctions can be quite high.


It is indeed possible to use multiple interception services simultaneously to increase your chances of acquiring the domain. Each service will have its own process and guidelines, so it's essential to understand their specific terms and conditions.

Regarding your question about auctioning the domain after acquisition, it depends on the service. Some backorder services may put the domain up for auction if multiple users are interested in acquiring it. Others may simply transfer the ownership directly to the person who placed the backorder.

Regarding SnapNames specifically, they typically do not register the domain for themselves before transferring it to your chosen registrar. They act as an intermediary to facilitate the transfer from the current owner to the purchaser.

Here are a few key points to consider about domain backorder services:

1. Timing: It's important to place your backorder as early as possible, as domain names are often snapped up quickly once they become available.

2. Multiple Services: Using multiple backorder services simultaneously can increase your chances of acquiring the desired domain. Each service may have different registrar connections or strategies to maximize your chances.

3. Auctions: Some backorder services will initiate an auction if multiple parties are interested in the same domain. In an auction, bidders compete to acquire the domain name, ultimately driving up the price.

4. Fees: Backorder services typically charge a fee for their service, whether you successfully acquire the domain or not. Be sure to understand the pricing structure and any additional fees involved.

5. Registrar Transfer: Once you successfully acquire the domain, it is usually transferred to your chosen registrar. This process enables you to manage the domain using your preferred registrar's tools and services.