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Started by maestro_bah, Jun 21, 2022, 02:41 AM

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I am interested in backordering a .in domain name that is currently in redemption period.
Can you suggest the best backorder services available for .in domains? I plan to use multiple services to increase my chances of securing the domain and avoid losing it. I have used "" in the past but they were unsuccessful in catching the domain.


It's difficult to provide a response without prior experience with the particular extension. Nonetheless, you either need to quickly back order the domain or wait until it becomes available and take advantage of the right timing. This involves understanding when the domain name is first available by knowing how long the registrar holds the name before auctioning or dropping it.

For instance, a dot com at Godaddy typically takes around 70 days from expiration, but this may vary across different registrars. Perhaps some of the Indian traders in the group can provide more insight as there are many successful dot in investors here with a high volume of sales.


Currently, there aren't any reliable backorder services available for .in domains since NIXI prohibits the sale of such domains.
However, is a competent option, and it is possible to use your custom script as well.


A backorder service enables you to secure domain names once they have been deleted, including those with high search rankings or aesthetically pleasing free domains.
This service is particularly popular among individuals who earn a livelihood through internet-related activities, such as domain reselling, website creation, and domain portfolio building, including .IN domain names.


1. Use Multiple Services: As you mentioned, using multiple backorder services can increase your chances of successfully catching the domain. Different services might have access to different registrar connections or unique strategies.

2. Research and Compare: Look for reputable service providers that specialize in .in domain backordering. Read reviews, compare prices, and consider factors like success rates, customer support, and overall reputation.

3. Timing is Key: Make sure to place your backorder as early as possible. The redemption period is typically followed by a pending delete phase, during which the domain becomes available for registration. Be aware of the exact date and time when the domain transitions to this phase, and submit your backorder accordingly.

4. Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the progress of each backorder service you use. Some providers may offer updates on their attempts to catch the domain, allowing you to adjust your strategy if needed.

5. Consider Expiring Domains: In addition to backorder services, you can also explore platforms that specialize in expiring domain auctions. Some of these platforms allow you to bid on .in domains that are about to become available, giving you another chance to secure the desired domain.

additional tips to increase your chances of securing a backordered .in domain:

1. Research Registrar-Exclusive Services: Some registrars offer their own backorder services exclusively for domains registered with them. Check if the registrar where the domain is currently registered offers such a service. They may have better access to catching the domain during the pending delete phase.

2. Monitor Multiple Auction Platforms: Besides using backorder services, monitor multiple domain auction platforms. These platforms often list expiring or recently expired domain names, including .in domains. Participating in auctions can give you an opportunity to bid on the domain directly, rather than relying solely on backorder services.

3. Set Realistic Expectations: Understand that backordering a domain can be unpredictable and competitive. There is no guarantee of successfully catching the domain even if you use multiple services. It's important to assess the demand and competition for the particular domain you're interested in.

4. Utilize Drop-Catching Services: Consider using drop-catching services specifically designed to catch expired domains as soon as they become available. These services focus on the crucial moments when a domain transitions from the pending delete phase to being available for registration again.

5. Be Prepared for the Auction Process: If multiple parties are interested in the same domain, it might go to an auction rather than being immediately awarded to the highest bidder. Familiarize yourself with the auction rules and processes of the backorder services and platforms you're using to be prepared for any bidding scenarios.