How to Avoid Losing Domains on DropCatch

Started by xiaolanzhuji, Jul 31, 2022, 08:23 AM

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What is the purpose of backordering a domain?

Backordering a domain is a way to intercept and acquire a valuable domain that is being released by its current owner due to non-payment. This process helps to prevent cybersquatters and ordinary users from purchasing the domain.

The backorder service works by bombarding the registrar with domain registration requests before the domain is released. It is better to use backorder solutions rather than attempting to manually purchase the domain, as it can be extremely difficult to acquire a domain without competition.

The most popular backorder services are NameJet, SnapNames, DropCatch, and Pheenix, each with their own cost and auction options. It is important to check if the domain is already in auction or database before attempting to manually purchase it.

Frequently, when a domain is only available through the DropCatch service, it is advisable to place a backorder rather than wait for the domain to be captured by HugeDomains, a partner of DropCatch, who will drastically increase the price. It is recommended to place a bid 15 minutes before the end of a public auction in services such as NameJet or SnapNames.

 It is also advised not to use the DropCatch discount club and instead apply for the full price to avoid the potential issue of DropCatch sending the domain to HugeDomains instead of the person who submitted the application. When a domain is available in all three backorder services, it is best to apply for a backorder with each one to increase the chance of successfully acquiring the domain.


Are domains only held by the registrar, or can they be transferred?
When you refer to "the time", are you asking about the timeframe for placing a backorder?
Would you suggest waiting until the last minute to do so?


Deciding whether to purchase a domain directly from the owner depends on factors such as the price and ensuring a safe purchase process. GoDaddy offers a domain purchase and sale assistance service, where you set the price and they control the transfer of rights and money.
but, when pre-ordering a domain name, keep in mind that there may be an auction with many competitors, driving up the price. Ultimately, the decision should be based on how much the domain is needed and how much the owner is asking for it. It is more beneficial for the owner to sell the domain directly than to receive nothing from the auction after the domain is released.