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Started by kradha707, Nov 14, 2022, 11:22 AM

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kradha707Topic starter

There's a domain name that may be suitable for me which is about to become available as the owner hasn't renewed it.

It's unclear how much time remains before the domain becomes available. Some websites suggest a month while others suggest only five days. It's uncertain whether the deadline is determined by the domain registrar or not. I'm now wondering if it's worth waiting for the domain at all or if I should look for an alternative.


The domain registrar and TLD type (e.g. .com, .net, .ru, .de, .es) play a significant role in the domain's life cycle.

If it's a generic TLD, the domain will enter a reactivation grace period lasting 45 days, during which the owner can renew it for the usual price. Once this period ends, it enters a redemption period, where it can still be restored, but at a higher cost. The fees charged for restoration vary from $40 to $200 depending on the registrar. Finally, there is a Pending Delete period of 5 days before the domain becomes available again.

The website of ICANN provides more information on this topic. Intercepted backordering is only recommended if the domain is already in redemption, indicating that the owner is unlikely to renew it.


To keep track of a domain's status, you can use domain tracking services, which send notifications when changes occur. If you want to acquire a specific domain without monitoring its status, the auto-purchase service is also available. After placing an order on the registrar's website and depositing funds, the system will purchase the domain for you if it becomes available, or return your money if it is not acquired.

However, it's important to note that domain redemption is ultimately up to the current owner, so there are no guarantees that you will be able to acquire the domain you want. To increase the chances of successful interception, registrars and Reg services monitor expiring domains daily, and use AI to predict release dates with high accuracy.

You can check the status of your applications and domain availability in your personal account on the registrar's website. By actively monitoring domain statuses and using available services, you can increase your chances of obtaining your desired domain.