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Started by socialreger, Sep 07, 2022, 10:20 AM

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Can you tell me if anyone knows about transferring a .info domain name from GoDaddy to another registrar? The registration is expiring in a week and I want to extend it normally. However, I'm not sure if transferring the domain would work or who to transfer it to.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Transferring a domain is a simple process and can be done easily. All you need to do is send yourself an authorization code from the domain settings. Next, initiate a transfer request from the receiving registrar and confirm the transfer. You can use the Domain Manager to speed up the process by going to Domains -> Pending Transfer and accepting the transfer-out.

Although it's not necessary, accepting the transfer-out will make the process much faster. Once you've accepted the transfer-out, confirm the transfer by clicking on the link in the email from the new registrar. This email will be sent to the administrative contact of your domain name.


To ensure a smooth domain transfer process, it is important to check and update the administrative contact details of your domain as per the registrar's instructions. It is crucial to change the email of the administrative contact and not the registrant - an individual's email, otherwise the domain transfer will not be possible within 60 days.

The next step would be to unlock the domain and disable Secure Registration if enabled, also following the registrar's instructions. Once this is done, you can obtain the Authinfo code.

To get the Authinfo code, log in to your GoDaddy account and click on the "Manage" button next to the desired domain. This will open up the "Domain Settings" section. At the bottom of the page, in the "Additional Settings" section, click on the "Get Authorization Code" link. The code will be sent to the domain's administrative email within 24 hours.

If you do not receive the code within a day, you can download it by following the registrar's instructions.


Transferring a .info domain name from GoDaddy to another registrar is generally a straightforward process. To initiate the transfer, you'll need to follow these general steps:

1. Unlock the domain: Log in to your GoDaddy account, go to the "Domain Manager" section, find the .info domain you want to transfer, and ensure that the domain is unlocked for transfer. This step may involve disabling any domain transfer locks or security features.

2. Obtain an authorization code: Generate an authorization code (or EPP code) for the domain. GoDaddy should provide an option to obtain this code within the domain settings.

3. Choose a new registrar: Research and select the new registrar where you want to transfer the .info domain. Ensure that the chosen registrar supports .info domains and offers reliable services.

4. Start the transfer: Sign up with the new registrar and begin the domain transfer process. You'll likely need to provide the authorization code during the transfer initiation.

5. Verify the transfer: Both the losing registrar (GoDaddy) and the gaining registrar will communicate with each other to verify the transfer. This step typically involves email verification or confirmation through the administrative contact listed on the domain.

6. Complete the transfer: Once both registrars have confirmed the transfer, it will usually take a few days for the domain to be fully transferred to the new registrar. During this time, ensure that the domain remains active and that you do not make any significant changes to its settings.

To identify potential registrars for the transfer, you can consult domain registration comparison websites or research popular registrars that support .info domains. Popular options include Namecheap, Google Domains, and Dynadot, among others. It is essential to carefully assess factors like pricing, customer support, and user reviews when selecting a new registrar.

Here are some additional tips for transferring a .info domain from GoDaddy to another registrar:

1. Check the eligibility: Before initiating the transfer, make sure that your domain is eligible for transfer. Ensure that it has been registered for at least 60 days with GoDaddy and that it is not locked or on hold for any reason.

2. Check for privacy protection: If you have privacy protection enabled on your domain at GoDaddy, disable it before starting the transfer process. Privacy protection can sometimes interfere with the transfer process.

3. Update contact information: Verify that the contact information associated with your domain is up to date. This includes the administrative contact email address, as this will be used for verification during the transfer process.

4. Familiarize yourself with the new registrar's transfer process: Each registrar may have slightly different transfer procedures, including their own specific steps for initiating transfers and entering authorization codes. Review the documentation provided by the new registrar for detailed instructions.

5. Confirm domain availability and pricing: Before initiating the transfer, check with the new registrar to ensure that the .info domain you want to transfer is available for registration with them. Additionally, compare the pricing for domain registration and renewal at the new registrar to ensure it meets your requirements.

6. Plan for downtime: During the transfer process, there may be a brief period where your website or email services associated with the domain are temporarily unavailable. Be prepared for this possibility, especially if your domain is actively used for business purposes.

7. Seek support if needed: If you encounter any issues during the transfer process or need clarification on any steps, reach out to the customer support teams of both GoDaddy and the new registrar. They should be able to guide you through the process and address any concerns you have.