How to renew domains cheaper?

Started by Kralj187, Sep 09, 2022, 10:06 AM

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Kralj187Topic starter

Could someone clarify the type of divorce I'm experiencing: a year ago, I purchased a group of international domain names from a specific registrar. This year, the cost to renew these domains increased by 10 times the initial registration price without any prior warning or notice. Despite my search efforts, I am still unable to find information on the website regarding this price hike.

Given the significant increase in renewal fees, it is not financially feasible for me to renew approximately 30 domain names at such exorbitant costs. Are there any alternative ways to extend these domains at a more affordable rate?



I experienced something similar before when the price for renewing a domain doubled unexpectedly. At the time of purchase, the renewal price was clearly indicated, but I was later told that the cost increase was due to currency fluctuations. Ultimately, it was not worth it for me to renew at such a high cost and I abandoned the domain.

The hype around making money from domain names has died down significantly, resulting in fewer mass registrations and poor sales of new domains. As a result, registrars and resellers are coming up with new ways to generate income. Offering low or zero registration fees with high renewal costs is no longer groundbreaking. Moreover, there's a tendency now to bundle useless paid services with domain name recovery, which can be an unnecessary burden on the customer.

It's important for individuals interested in buying and holding domain names to stay informed about pricing trends and potential hidden costs to avoid costly surprises.


You can find the information about domain transfer and extension prices at The transfer starts at $12 with an extension for one year, while subsequent years are subject to different prices.

Another service provider,, charges $13.49 for domain transfer and $15.79 for extensions after the first year.

Initially, I used for domain registration due to their attractive prices and frequent discount coupons. However, over time, their prices for extensions have increased significantly, and their tech support is challenging to contact. As a result, I transferred all my domains to, which offers much more affordable costs.

It's essential to stay informed about domain registration and extension prices and compare different service providers before making a decision to ensure the best value for money.