How to set up 2 nameservers from the same domain name?

Started by Inetscope, Jul 19, 2022, 11:30 PM

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This is the required information:
There are two servers and one domain.
The name servers for the first server are already set up as and

For the second server, I need to set up the name servers for the same domain as and

The domains should be parked on the first server using and, and on the second server using and

Is it feasible?
Thank you.


The function of DNS is to direct to the server IP. This means that instead of using a DNS pair, the "A-name record" field value is replaced with the IP address of the server that needs to be accessed.

One possible solution for adding one domain to two servers is using the technology called Round-robin DNS, which can be found here:

There are two ways to set up the two servers - either by having two servers located in the basement or by renting two servers from a hosting provider. In either case, the server should have an operating system and a program/role to work with DNS (in the case of Windows). If renting from a hosting provider, it is advisable to consult with them since they may have alternative solutions.

Roger Dave

We have a VDS server on Linux with two IP addresses (on the same interface if relevant) and the task of assigning names to different hosts within the domain, similar to third-level domains, using only A-records. There are many clients of the same type, and a self-written management system for them. It is more convenient to give the client hosts names such as and store them that way.

I have set up Bind and configured it for MySQL, although this is not important right now. The registrar requires me to specify two name servers (name) and two IP addresses (if the name servers are from the same domain for which we are doing bind) for the domain name.

This means that I need to come up with,, and indicate the IP addresses on my server (where Bind is installed). After that, I can configure the settings on the Bind server.

To confirm that everything is set up correctly, I can specify the A-record, compare it with, and ping the