How to use existing domain names?

Started by BrettUK, Jul 24, 2022, 12:29 AM

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BrettUKTopic starter

I need assistance in solving a problem concerning several domains that are not currently attached to any websites or blogs. The domains have different age, but I am not willing to sell them yet.
Therefore, my question is how these unused domains can be utilized without having to create a new website or blog. I would like to find a way to attach or connect these idle domains to some purpose.


I am aware that many large businesses purchase multiple domains, such as ones with frequent typos or in different domain zones, and redirect them to their main website. Although some of these businesses may eventually create different sites in various domain zones, they are not yet mature enough to do so.

In your situation, it may make sense to create a stub page with minimal text. If you don't want to pay for hosting, you can create one-page websites on free platforms like BlogSpot or WordPress and link them to your domain name.


Domains not only serve the purpose of web addresses, but they can also be used to set up corporate email and email mailing services. They are also useful for redirection, particularly when a company moves to a new site and wants to direct users to the new domain automatically after specifying the old one.

Once a domain is registered, it can be linked to web hosting, which involves renting disk space on a server to store files and resources related to the site. Web hosting supports the operation of the site's server, provides protection against malicious attacks, and facilitates data traffic.