Expired domains Moniker backorder

Started by sbglobal, Nov 25, 2022, 07:58 AM

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sbglobalTopic starter

Godaddy is auctioning expired domains from Moniker.

Currently, I am in search of a .org domain that is in its grace period.

My concern is how I can increase my chances of purchasing an already listed item on GoDaddy. Would it be best to use other services like Dropcatch, or should I utilize both GoDaddy and Dropcatch?


Participating in a GoDaddy auction for an expired domain means that only GoDaddy can acquire it for you.

In the event that no one wins the auction, the title will be abandoned and the next bidder in line will have priority.

It is advisable to check GoDaddy regularly to see if any domains of interest have expired. When is the best time to check? It's recommended to check daily to increase your chances of acquiring your desired domain.