What to do with a drop domain name?

Started by Charlesth, Jul 26, 2022, 12:26 AM

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CharlesthTopic starter

Is it recommended to launch a website using an expired domain and old content from web archives, and then track visitor engagement? Regarding the recovered content, how important is its usability?

 If some elements such as pictures are missing, what should be done? Is it enough to redirect to the main page as long as the URL remains intact? Also, is it beneficial to work on related topics, like promoting a "Wedding" section under a broader topic of "relationships"? These are all important considerations.


If an image is missing, it should be restored or replaced instead of redirecting to another page. In the case of broken web links, check the site's incoming pages to determine which pages have links to the missing pages.

If there are missing pages, it is preferable to redirect users to a similar page rather than the main page. When checking the drop according to history, refer to the Wayback archive to see what was previously available and also take into account the site's link profile.


Abandoned domain names offer the advantages of acquiring websites with a long history, potential for immediate monetization and passive income from link trading. Positive indicators of drop domains include possible search engine catalog listings, numerous backlinks, and preserved content in web archives. However, there are also cons to abandoned domains.

The reason for the domain's abandonment may be simple or more complicated, including potentially being listed under search engine filters, having "glue" indicators from a third-party project, or having a negative history such as involvement in illegal fraud leading to a ban on search engine loyalty and monetization.