Which registrars are your preferred choice?

Started by prctshplc, Apr 18, 2023, 06:25 AM

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What is the opinion of domainers regarding which registrars to use and why, for com domains, UA domains, and international domains?

It is interesting to note that nic.ua is recommended for UA domains due to its convenient dashboard, online and phone support, free registration of free domains, and quick DNS server updates within 5 minutes.

As for international domains, godaddy.com is the largest registrar with a wide selection of exotic zones, however, the panel's functionality is not great. Grateful for all the advice given.


nic.ua is the domain for *.ua and name.com is the domain for *(com|net|org|.*).

When buying domains, it is important to avoid obscure offices such as mydomain-in.net, even if they offer lower prices. This is because I once lost my first domain after ignoring the renewal and ticket requests, and the company disappeared without a trace.


I switched from GoDaddy to gandi.net to prevent any issues with domain locks, which may have occurred due to GoDaddy's past practices (I am uncertain of their current practices).
From what I have read in reviews, gandi.net appears to be resistant to abuse.


Regarding the global domains, I understand that many people have had negative experiences with GoDaddy. However, personally speaking, I have never faced any issues with the platform.

I currently have 3 domains that are in active use and 4 more which are parked. It has been a duration of 4 years since I started using it and I can say that everything has been running smoothly.


When considering com domains, it's essential to evaluate factors such as pricing, customer support, and user interface. Popular registrars like Namecheap and GoDaddy are favored for their competitive pricing and robust features, making them attractive choices for domainers seeking reliability and accessibility.

For UA domains, nic.ua's reputation for its convenient dashboard, online and phone support, free domain registration, and quick DNS server updates makes it a strong contender in the Ukrainian market. These features not only contribute to efficient domain management but also align with the financial aspect of cost-effective operations.

In the context of international domains, the wide selection of exotic zones offered by GoDaddy may appeal to domainers, but concerns about panel functionality could lead them to consider alternatives such as Name.com or Google Domains. These registrars offer a balance of domain availability and user experience, which is crucial for managing international domain portfolios efficiently while making prudent financial decisions.

My recommendation for domainers would be to conduct a comprehensive analysis of registrar options, taking into account factors such as technical support, pricing structures, domain extensions, and overall usability. By doing so, domainers can make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and operational efficiency.


It's the largest domain registration site on the market, and it's a great option for both single domain names and bulk domain registration alike. Free WHOIS domain privacy and protection are included whenever you register a domain with GoDaddy.