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Started by Janvi, Mar 31, 2023, 03:20 AM

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JanviTopic starter

I am interested in purchasing a specific domain. The domain I'm interested in has been excluded from the range for 17 days and is pending deletion. However, the service networkolutions.com quickly registered a new domain.

After 17 days, the domain's whois data does not reveal the owner's information. The whois database returns "Does not match" for the domain name (I modified the domain name myself).

It seems that someone has reserved a registered domain, yet it remains inactive with no DNS records added to the name servers.

I came across a blog post by Icann that states the Registrar Approval Agreement does not require the registrar to cancel the registration if the client does not respond within 15 days. As a result, they may unregister related domains due to invalid whois information.

Do you happen to have any information regarding why the domain has incomplete whois records? Additionally, do you know how long it typically takes for whois records to be updated for new domains, particularly those registered on networkolutions.com?


In certain locations, it is possible to publicly view the domain, but betting with a pre-order is the only option available in some cases.

Take Dropcatch, for instance, where you have the opportunity to participate in discounted auctions without the need for a pre-order.

If you lack knowledge of the domain name and fail to provide it here, there is no way to ascertain the most precise information. Have you checked the following link for the most accurate details? https://lookup.icann.org/th

* It's worth noting that the final assumptions may not be entirely accurate. There have been past accusations against NetSol for engaging in domain warehousing, and it remains unclear whether this issue has been resolved.


When it comes to accessing domains and engaging in bidding or betting, the rules and requirements can vary depending on the platform or jurisdiction. It's essential to stay informed about the specific regulations and practices in place to make well-informed decisions.

Regarding the potential concerns about domain warehousing accusations against NetSol, it's crucial to consider the credibility and accuracy of the sources providing such information. Conducting thorough research and utilizing reputable sources can help shed light on any lingering doubts or uncertainties.