Attitude of search engines to "unusual" domain name zones

Started by halley_pham, Nov 23, 2022, 10:05 AM

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halley_phamTopic starter

Suppose I intend to obtain a domain that consists of two words, namely something and info. In this regard, which one is better to opt for - or Admittedly, the former alternative is shorter and more memorable, but my main concern is search engine traffic.

Would Google or other search engines give priority to any specific domain extension? Which domain name holds an edge when it comes to SEO? Is there a distinction worth considering?


It is unclear whether or not search engines consider this factor, but domain names that are shorter and more melodious, while also closely related to the search query, generally receive a higher click-through rate from users in search results.

While searching on a fast Internet connection from a powerful desktop computer, it might be feasible to browse through the first 30 links and open them in as many tabs without looking. However, this is seldom the case during a mobile search.


The domain extension serves as a helpful cue for users and also plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. In this regard, relevance is an essential factor in determining a website's ranking, and search engine algorithms take into account not only the contents of web pages, descriptions, and names but also the words incorporated in the domain name.

For instance, if a user types "popular blogs" on Google, a website with a .blog domain extension has higher chances of appearing in the top search results than a similar website with a first-level domain such as .net.