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Started by safracatz, Jul 22, 2022, 09:08 AM

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safracatzTopic starter

I searched the community discussion but couldn't find any information about registrars for the .center domain zone. I'm curious about this zone's potential and wondering if anyone knows the cheapest place to register it.
Additionally, I'm concerned about whether it's a suitable domain for an online store, or if it would be challenging for customers to remember. Specifically, I'd like to know if it's a good choice for an online store targeting New Yorkers and the USA.


I believe that traditional domain zones such as .com and .net are always acceptable, even if there isn't a specific store present. Starting with the .com zone is probably the best choice.

The search engine results and rankings will primarily depend on the quality of your website and its content. In general, the domain is good, as it has an international, comfortable and versatile sound.


The new CENTER domain zone will be of interest to everyone, where diverse communication plays an important role. Commercial centers, research and educational institutions, psychological counseling centers, as well as everyone who simply cares about being together and finding like-minded people can open their pages here.

Lucas Babcock

.–°enter is a specific domain name. But more on that later. For an online store, names with such a name are generally not characteristic (and it does not matter in which state or country you are physically located).
Who are sites with such domain names for? As I said .CENER is a specific name and sites open with such specific names. These sites are opened by the owners:
1) Medical centers
2) Automotive centers
3) Trading networks (hypermarkets)
4) Children's centers (schools, clubs)
5) Research Centers
6) Sites of online cinemas and places of entertainment.


The .center domain zone is also of great interest. As of now, there are 90,000 domain names registered in this zone, with most of them being registered in the USA and Germany.

The potential of this domain zone has not yet been fully realized. There are numerous organizations with the word "center" in their name, including shopping and entertainment centers, business centers, prevention centers, diagnostic centers, employment centers, etc. Each of these organizations would benefit greatly from having a domain in the .center zone.