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Started by Mritunjay, Sep 11, 2022, 02:35 AM

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MritunjayTopic starter

Do any of you have information on the .market domain zone?
I stumbled upon it and was considering acquiring a domain name for my online shop, but the prices for premium domains can go up to $100K.
If anyone has any insights or knowledge, please share.

Personally, I think that the term "market" is more relatable to us in online commerce than "shop" or "sale".


Many new domain zones are seeing an influx of registered projects. There are already sites in domains like .guru, .center, and more. It's likely that the same will happen in .market. However, this won't necessarily have a significant impact on the secondary market or overall statistics. The supply market is too vast to result in prices much higher than registration fees, and the cost of registration fees for new domains multiplied by 10-20 years of extensions will be similar to good secondary domain prices.

It's worth noting that in the case of .market, the word itself has a clear commercial basis. Therefore, if someone is interested in a domain name with this ending, it's likely that they have monetary intentions. The abundance of offers within the .market domain may make it challenging for someone to resell a domain. However, it's possible that someone might be successful in reselling a domain, as we've seen in the case of .pro.

Zhoshua Adrian

For the average internet user, it doesn't matter which domain extension a site has - whether it's .cook or .chicken. While there are some domains that hold significant meaning, they are few and far between. In the case of .market, the cost isn't particularly high, with a range of $25-$60 per year for first-hand registration. If someone outbids the current owner, the price could potentially reach $1000, but this isn't typically worth it.

Large firms haven't been registering new IP addresses in the past five years just to have them. Ultimately, it's important to consider the value and purpose of a domain before investing in it.


The .market domain zone is primarily intended for private stores and retail chains of all sizes. It's a natural fit to have an online store with a domain name such as or Additionally, it's possible to place paid or free ads and create a forum within the .MARKET domain. For an economic journal's website, registering in the new .market zone would be a significant milestone.

It's clear that the .market domain is well-suited for businesses in the retail sector. However, there may be opportunities for other industries to benefit from this domain as well. It will be interesting to see how the use of .market evolves over time.