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Started by sadko7777, Jun 20, 2022, 12:58 PM

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Is it considered positive if a name is registered in more than 100 extensions?


Feel free to send me a private message with the name, and I'll evaluate it for you. Generally speaking, if a keyword is registered in 100 or more extensions, it often indicates a higher value.



If a name is registered in 100 extensions but none of them are developed, I would say it's not necessarily a good thing. However, whether or not it has value depends on the specific name and other extensions registered.

For example, if all of the extensions are registered by the same person just to create artificial value, then the value may not be as high. This is just my personal opinion.


In order for a new website to rank highly on competitive queries, it typically needs to be promoted for at least six months. However, there is a way to speed up this process.
 If you purchase a domain that is similar in name, subject matter, and credibility indicators to your own website (such as a released or store domain), you can create a mirror site that will redirect traffic to your main site. The main site will then receive the reference weight and credibility indicators of the mirrors, causing it to rise in the search results.

To do this successfully, there are several things to consider. First, make sure the theme of the vacated domain matches your own. Secondly, ensure that the history of the vacated domain is good and that it hasn't violated the rules of search engines, or it could potentially cause your individual pages (or entire site) to drop out of the search engine index. Finally, be aware that this method should be approached with caution to avoid potential pitfalls.

Sue Nelson

By itself, owning a certain domain name with 100 different extensions for this site does not carry any benefits, but everything changes when the process of content filling and promotion begins. If each such site has a copy of the same content, then search robots will only lower the rating of such a site, but the hyperlink will increase points.
You can quickly promote another site with one copy, but with a different extension. In theory, yes, but in practice, everything depends on many factors, where the registrars themselves play an important role.
In my experience, the idea of multiple extensions is a great idea, but how you will use it is a completely different story. If we are talking about a banal resale, then this is a bad idea, especially if the name is not saleable. Virtually no one will buy a new IP for a lot of site extensions.