Is it necessary to take a .COM domain name?

Started by Bhuwan, Feb 17, 2023, 01:47 AM

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BhuwanTopic starter

Our goal is to introduce the service and attract primarily a US and Western European audience.

In regards to domain names, does it matter if we choose versus or

We have already determined that is already taken, however changing our name at this point is not ideal as we have already spent considerable time on the naming process.


For a considerable period of time, domains have not been given much attention. In the past, there was a general understanding that .com represented commercial organizations while .org was reserved for non-profit organizations.


To represent our service in the United States, we have selected, while for Europe we have gone with However, other options such as .org, .biz, and .pro may also be worth considering.


In my opinion, the decision to use a .com domain depends on the website's specific goals and requirements. If your website is primarily focused on operating as an online business or represents a brand, then choosing a .com domain could enhance the credibility and help customers remember your website easily. But if it is a personal blog or website, going for a different domain extension might be more practical and affordable. It is essential to research and consider your objectives carefully before selecting a domain extension.


While .COM is the most recognized and commonly used domain extension, it's not necessary to have one for a successful online presence. What matters more is the quality and relevance of your website content. Other extensions like .NET, .ORG, or specific country domains can also work well depending on your target audience and business type. DevOps Certification