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Started by Bukvarix, Jun 25, 2022, 03:40 AM

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Would you like to share your favorite .org domain names with us?


Here are a few .org domain names related to small UK Geo's that I plan to develop in the future, unless a good offer is presented for them: Wales, Gold Care, Neobank, Folkestone, and Fulham.


Here is a list of some orgs with their respective names:
BusinessNetworking, InvestmentCapital, PrivateFinancing, PublicBlockchain, CryptoForGood, InternetOfValue, GraniteState, Etudiants, and Quebecois.


I used to have a goxy.org domain
And now there is still UKgo.org

Another site was trustdirectory.org. It has been sold at the GoDaddy auction a long time ago.