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Started by prctshplc, Aug 19, 2022, 10:06 AM

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Hi there,

I have a concern about my upcoming payment for the domain name in the .info zone at the end of the month. A few years ago, I registered a domain name under the same registrar but did not use it. When the deadline came, I saw that it was extended with a stub filled with advertising. Now, I am worried that the same thing may happen to my current domain if I do not renew it. The renewal price is quite high, but after contacting support, I learned that I could transfer it to another registrar for a lower price. However, I still do not want to overpay and take unnecessary risks.

I would appreciate your advice on how to find out in advance if my domain will be automatically extended or released. Thanks.

As for my personal input, it's important to keep track of any domain registrations and payments to ensure that you don't lose control of your website or online presence. It's also helpful to do research on different registrars and their prices to make informed decisions about renewals and transfers.


The registrar typically has the option to extend a domain for a year and pick it up according to internal rules, although this is not common. Normally, a domain will be removed from the registry after 75-81 days, but not after just one month.

However, if the domain appears as "extended" on your account, this may not be accurate information. It's important to keep an eye out for the status of the domain and look for the phrase "pending delete" instead, which usually appears two months before deletion.

I think it's crucial to pay attention to the status of your domains and be aware of the potential consequences if they are not renewed or updated in a timely manner. It's always better to be proactive and stay informed rather than waiting until the last minute and risking losing control of your website or online identity.


In the past year, the .INFO domain zone experienced a significant loss of 974,310 registered domain names, resulting in a 12% decrease compared to the previous year. This decline is among the largest worldwide and has been attributed to efforts to combat cybersquatting, phishing, and spam emails originating from this domain zone. The administrator, Afilias, is working hard with registrars to disable all domains used by scammers.

Historically, the .INFO domain zone has had a negative reputation due to its low registration costs and popularity among cybercriminals. Fortunately, the recent introduction of stricter policies against violators will help make the zone much safer.

Interestingly, the .PRO domain zone administered by Afilias has seen an increase in registrations over the past year, doubling in size. This success can be attributed to contracts with major registrars and the implementation of a new discount system.

 it's important for domain administrators to prioritize cybersecurity and create policies that protect users from online threats. It's also encouraging to see that the success of one domain zone can be used as a model for improving others.