Which domain name zone is preferable, except .COM

Started by sanjana, Sep 23, 2022, 08:40 AM

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Which domain zone is preferable, except .COM

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sanjanaTopic starter

What domain extension would you suggest for an international business venture if the .com domain is not available? Incorporating additional .info into the project may be useful.


When it comes to global business ventures, opting for a different domain extension may not be the most ideal solution. Despite the availability of alternatives such as .net or .biz, the majority of customers still expect to find businesses on a .com domain. Search engines also give preference to .com websites, making it important to put in the effort to secure a relevant and memorable name within this domain.

That being said, it's important to note that finding the perfect domain name can be a competitive and challenging process. Investing time and resources into brainstorming unique brand names, considering variations and conducting thorough research can increase the chances of securing an available .com domain. Additionally, utilizing domain name generators or seeking the help of professionals can streamline the process and lead to successful outcomes.


Personally, I have a preference for the .net domain extension due to several advantages it offers.
Firstly, it is highly recognizable and familiar to customers. Additionally, companies specializing in internet and telephony services often opt for this extension, giving it relevance within a specific field.
Another benefit of .net is the absence of territorial restrictions, making it a versatile choice for businesses operating internationally.

Moreover, the .net domain name provides opportunities for creative branding strategies through readability and association games. It's important to note, however, that despite its benefits, .net is still not as widely used or recognised as the .com extension. Therefore, choosing the right domain name requires careful consideration of the project's goals and target audience.


There are several domain name zones that are commonly used and preferred, apart from .COM. Some popular alternatives include:

1. .ORG: Originally intended for non-profit organizations, but now used by a wide range of entities.

2. .NET: Originally designed for network-related organizations, but is now commonly used by various businesses.

3. .EDU: Specifically for educational institutions, such as universities and schools.

4. .GOV: Reserved for government entities at all levels, including federal, state, and local.

5. .CO: Originally designated for Colombian websites, but now widely used by companies and organizations around the world.

6. .IO: Originally designated for Indian Ocean websites, but recently gained popularity among tech startups.

7. .INFO: Intended for informational websites, but now used by a variety of domains.

8. .BIZ: Designed specifically for businesses, it can be a good choice for commercial websites.

9. .ME: Often used for personal blogs, portfolios, and websites that promote individual identities.

10. .TV: Originally intended for websites related to the broadcast and entertainment industry, it is now popular for video-sharing platforms and media-related sites.

11. .CO.UK: Specifically for websites located in the United Kingdom, it can be a good choice if you have a local presence or target audience in the UK.

12. .IO: Though originally designated for Indian Ocean websites, it has gained popularity among startups and tech companies due to its association with input/output and innovation.

13. .US: Designed for websites based in the United States, it can be a good choice if you want to establish a strong local presence.

14. .AI: Originally intended for websites related to the country of Anguilla, it is now commonly used by artificial intelligence and tech-focused companies.

15. .IO: While already mentioned, it's worth noting that .IO is also popular due to its association with "input/output" in technology and has become a go-to choice for tech startups.

16. .CO: Apart from what was mentioned earlier, this domain name zone has gained popularity as a shorter alternative to .COM and is widely used by businesses globally.

17. .ME: This domain name zone is often used for personal blogs, portfolios, and websites that promote individual identities.

18. .STORE: Designed specifically for e-commerce websites, it can be a good choice if you have an online store or plan to sell products/services on your website.