Why is .XYZ domain name valuable?

Started by richtedy, Aug 24, 2022, 03:50 AM

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richtedyTopic starter

Can anyone provide an explanation for the high cost of .xyz domains? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they consist of only three letters, which seems to be the main factor.


Actually, .xyz domains are not necessarily expensive. After a quick google search, it appears that prices can be as low as $1, depending on the extension and the seller.
Many hosting providers offer a free domain and SSL with the purchase of hosting services, regardless of the domain zone.

However, it seems that the owner of the .xyz domain is trying to make additional profits by selling certain second-level names at a premium price. This may suggest that registrars have colluded to inflate prices for potentially valuable domain names.
Interestingly, when the .xyz domain was first introduced, some individuals bought up large quantities of desirable names to resell at a later date, leading to a rapid depletion of available options.

Mark Walker

Quote from: richtedy on Aug 24, 2022, 03:50 AMCan somebody explain why .xyz domains are so expensive?
I looked at the three-letter version, probably that's the whole point.
Dear richtedy, you are absolutely wrong! Everything is exactly the opposite. Three-letter zones, especially xyz, are the cheapest (often used). Their cost rarely exceeds $1 (no one canceled the registrar's markup). It is for this reason that sites that use such domain names turn out to be real scams.
You may have looked at old data. Initially, the price for .xyz was around $12.

Anthony Brooks

Once I did an analysis of domain names in different regions - Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia. The analysis concerned where and how often domain names with short endings are used - I'm talking about two and three letters. So, according to statistics, two-letter and rarely used ones are used on left-handed sites - scam sites. Three-letter ones are used to convey the "weight of the site". The same xyz or abc is included in this number. The high cost of xyz is due to the quick memorability and weight of the site.


XYZ Company recently acquired domain names in the .SKIN, .HAIR, .MAKEUP and .BEAUTY zones from L'Oreal and has announced the start of domain name registration. However, it is worth noting that L'Oreal has only opened registration in the .MAKEUP zone at an increased price of five thousand dollars for one year. This has led some experts to speculate that L'Oreal may be attempting to monopolize the use of this domain.

Nevertheless, XYZ Company has decided to make these domains accessible to everyone by setting affordable prices. The priority registration period for trademark owners is currently underway and will last until February of next year. During this period, domains can be registered at approximately one thousand dollars. Afterward, public registration of these beauty domains will begin on March 3 at a cost of about $25. It will be interesting to see how these new domain zones will be utilized and if they will become popular among individuals or businesses in the beauty industry.


The high cost of .xyz domains is not directly related to the fact that they consist of only three letters. The pricing of domain names is typically determined by various factors, such as demand, market competition, and the perceived value of the specific domain extension.

When .xyz domains were first introduced, they gained popularity due to their simplicity and the association with the phrase "XYZ" which is commonly used to denote the end of a sequence. This led to a high demand for .xyz domains, which in turn affected their pricing.

Additionally, the registry operator for .xyz domains may have set higher prices for certain premium or desirable domain names within the extension, which can also contribute to the overall cost.

The .xyz domain extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that was introduced in 2014. It gained attention for being one of the more notable alternatives to traditional domain extensions like .com, .net, and .org.

The appeal of .xyz domains lies in their simplicity and versatility. The ".xyz" string can be used to represent various concepts such as the end of a series, the next generation, or an unknown variable. This flexibility makes .xyz domains attractive for a wide range of purposes, from personal websites to businesses and organizations.

In terms of registration numbers, .xyz has consistently ranked among the top gTLDs globally, with several million registered domains. It has gained popularity particularly among startups, tech enthusiasts, and individuals looking for a modern and memorable online presence.

The pricing of .xyz domains can vary based on the registrar you choose to register the domain with. Some registrars may offer promotional rates or discounts, while others may charge higher prices depending on the specific domain name's desirability.

Overall, .xyz domains have become well-established in the domain industry and continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a unique and trendy online identity.