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Started by titris, Jul 18, 2022, 08:39 AM

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titrisTopic starter

Does anyone want to share their successful sales in new domain zones? I recently sold the domain through Sedo for $2999, which was a significant profit since I had bought it for only $800.
Although I didn't see much value in the domain, I was able to sell it calmly and complete the transfer the other day. If you're interested, there are still two other domains available: and


I have sold a number of .BET packages for a total of $20K.
Additionally, I sold 200 units of for an average price of $100, as well as one three-letter package for $3K. In total, my investments amounted to about $4.5K.

Gareth Freeman

I don't know by what parameter you consider domain zones new (as for me, half a year = new), but here is my story (I don't disclose the exact names due to the sale and purchase agreement):
ххх-хххх.kitchen bought for $750 in January 2022 bought and sold for $1690 in September.
хххххх.auction bought for 650 and sold for 1200
хххх-ххх.bar bought for 400 and sold for 740
ххххх.earth bought for 285 and sold for 1280 (a large organization bought, so I was able to knock out a large margin).


Rightside, who administers forty new top-level domains, has recently published a list of the largest domains sold. They have sold 87 domains at prices exceeding $10,000, but only 53 out of these domains are included in the list as permission to disclose information was granted by their owners. domain topped the list, being sold for a staggering $183,000, while the cost of only three domains exceeded $100,000.

However, there may be more than just five such domains as the list doesn't include all the top ten largest sales. It's difficult to draw any definite conclusion from this data as it could be seen as both successful sales and not that impressive when considering the number of domain zones available. Additionally, it's unclear whether or not there is an established market for premium domain names in new gTLDs, or if their sale was simply a matter of well-chosen lottery tickets. Finally, out of the 87 sold domains, seventeen were sold in the .market zone.