Sedo's recent domain name sales to companies across various industries

Started by Domaining News, Feb 10, 2023, 02:59 AM

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Three companies, including a web3 organization, a 3D imaging business, and a lead generation firm have purchased domain names.

Sedo has recently sold some five-figure domains, such as for $45,000 and for $35,000, with the latter appearing to be the same website as before, suggesting it could have been a website sale. Here is a list of recently completed domain name sales at Sedo, including, which was purchased by HC Advisors Pty Ltd/ - a fundraising company that often acquires domains from Sedo.

Other purchases include Letsе, which is a cryptocurrency trading platform; which is creating a review site for coffee; and, which is a philosophy book retailer. It's interesting to see the various types of companies who are interested in purchasing domain names for their businesses.