2022 Sales Wrap-Up: Top 20 and Annual Charts Revealed

Started by Domaining News, Jan 15, 2023, 05:17 AM

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Hope you all had a great holiday season! This is the last round of bi-weekly Top 20 Sales Charts for 2022. We have now finalized our 2022 Top 100 Sales Chart.

We've also started receiving the first sales of 2023 and will present the report on the 2023 sales season next week. We're sure of having at least one blockbuster sale on the first 2023 Top 20 Chart, Above.com's $3 million sale of Help.com.

Moving to sales reported in the last few days of December 2022, it was short because of the year-end slowdown. MyHome.com topped the list with £100,000 ($120,322). Sedo provided the biggest chunk of data from the end of December and nailed down the #2 spot with Teamo.com at $80,500. This week's winners included the ccTLDs who piled up a half dozen entries on the Big Board, all posted by Sedo.

In fact, three of those crashed the top ten with a pair that tied for #6 leading the charge - DL.de and Prezzogiusto.it at €22,500 ($24,300) each. With the .coms sweeping everything else, there was no room left at the inn for the non .com gTLDs this time out.