.ART Domain Registry Among Top 15 Fastest-Growing Registries

Started by Domaining News, Feb 16, 2023, 03:07 AM

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The start of every year is marked by a deluge of reports from companies all over the world summarizing how they performed in the previous year.

2022, on the other hand, was a bit of a mixed bag as businesses worldwide had to face the negative consequences of a war in Ukraine, inflation, a crypto crash, and ongoing supply chain problems that presented strong headwinds for many. Despite these obstacles, some managed to prosper, with the .ART domain registry being among those who were able to fill their 2022 review (.pdf file) on the registry's official blog with good news.

The report touts ".ART's continued strong and steady progress, remaining among the 15 fastest-growing domain name registries, according to data from Hosterstats.com. We concluded the year 2022 with 232,307 .ART domains under management, representing a net domain growth of 39% compared to 2021. The numerous high-quality registrations, including some of the world's most renowned museums and art institutions, as well as a robust first-year renewal rate of 81% for premium names, attest to .ART's constant and stable growth. Individual artists, art enthusiasts, and others who associate themselves with "art" continue to be strong supporters of .ART."

With regard to their premium domain plan, the audit stated, "There are nine .ART premium name price tiers ranging from $70 to $10,000, with all premium names renewing at a low price of $30 per year. In 2022, we sold 5,734 premium domains, which accounted for 5% of .ART names registered and 69% of domain registration revenue, increasing revenue for the .ART registry and its registrar partners."

.ART CMO Jeff Sass highlighted another advantage, stating, ".ART domains also work on ENS, so the same name can resolve to a DNS website and also point to a wallet, NFT, or any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, .ART is the only registry to employ additional Whois data fields to record art object metadata. We also launched a charitable Art Therapy Initiative supported by our domain name sales."


The .ART Domain Registry is one of the top fastest-growing domain registries globally. It operates as a trusted platform for artists, galleries, museums, and other creative professionals to establish their online presence. The .ART domain extension specifically caters to the art community and allows users to showcase and promote their artwork, exhibitions, and creative endeavors. With its focus on the arts, .ART has seen a significant increase in registrations, making it one of the fastest-growing domain extensions. This growth indicates the increased interest in online art platforms and the recognition of the value of having a dedicated online space for artists.

.ART Domains are top-level domains (TLDs) specifically designed for the art community. They provide a unique and meaningful online identity for artists, galleries, museums, collectors, and other art-related entities. With a .ART domain, individuals and organizations can establish their presence in the online art world and connect with like-minded individuals and communities.

The .ART domain extension was launched in 2016 by the UK-based company UK Creative Ideas Ltd (UKCI). It aims to create a distinct digital space for artistic expression while maintaining the integrity and security of the art community online.

.ART domains offer several advantages for artists and art-related businesses. They provide a recognizable and memorable web address that instantly conveys an association with the arts. Having a .ART domain signals a commitment to creativity and establishes credibility within the art industry.

Additionally, .ART domains allow for greater visibility and discoverability within search engine results, making it easier for art enthusiasts and potential buyers to find and engage with artists' websites. They also facilitate networking and collaboration among artists, providing a dedicated space for community-building and sharing artistic ideas.

To register a .ART domain, individuals and organizations need to go through standard domain registration processes with accredited registrars. Registrants must comply with the .ART domain registration policies, which require a genuine connection to the art world.

Overall, .ART domains offer a specialized online platform for artists and art enthusiasts to connect, showcase their work, and promote the value of art in the digital age.