Who is Wonna I de Jong and why did she lose the domain BusinessWoman.com?

Started by Domaining News, Feb 01, 2023, 02:27 AM

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BusinessWoman.com, a domain name held by Wonna I de Jong, a business woman from Sweden, was lost due to its expiration in late December 2022.

The domain had been registered since 2003 and pointed towards Wonna.se. It is unclear why the domain expired and was subsequently lost.

However, according to Wonna.se, Wonna I de Jong is a self-made businesswoman and Swedish entrepreneur who was born in Poland. She owns over 850 apartments, 100 commercial locations and a private island among other properties.

After the domain dropped, it was caught by DropCatch and listed in a three-day auction. The highest bid received was just over $5,000 dollars, and it closed at $7,558 dollars with some users reportedly experiencing errors while bidding.

Perhaps this serves as a reminder that even important assets such as domain names require continuous attention and maintenance.