Dharmesh Shah's Personal Acquisition: Chat.com's 8-Figure Price

Started by Domaining News, Apr 04, 2023, 01:34 AM

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Last week, Andrew Miller of Hilco Digital and Larry Fischer brokered the sale of the domain name Chat.com, which can be considered the most significant domain asset transaction in their combined 50+ years of experience investing in and advising on premium domain names.

Exciting news! In 2021, my good friend Larry Fischer, @domainnames, and I collaborated to facilitate the sale of the remarkable domain name Home.com. Today, Larry and I, along with @HilcoDigital, would like to extend our congratulations to both the buyer and seller on the mutually beneficial acquisition/sale of Chat.com 🧵⬇️

— Andrew Miller/@andymiller.eth (@amiller325gd) March 24, 2023

This transaction stands out as the most significant one in our many years of investing in and advising on premium domain names. Chat.com is a game-changer in an industry that may witness the most disruptive technology since search #domainnames #domains #venturecapital #digitalassets

— Andrew Miller/@andymiller.eth (@amiller325gd) March 24, 2023

Considering their involvement in the sale of Home.com in 2021 and the immense value of Chat.com, it can be assumed that Chat.com was sold for a sum in the eight figures (at least $10 million).

This morning, Thorsten tweeted that Chat.com had been acquired by Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder of Hubspot:

Looks like https://t.co/TaCdIWR3wK ended up with @dharmesh Congrats on that monster!

— thorsten (@rundns) March 29, 2023

I personally reached out to Dharmesh, who confirmed that this acquisition was a personal one and not made on behalf of HubSpot. While he did not disclose the exact acquisition price, he revealed that the domain name was purchased for an amount in the eight figures. It is worth noting that HubSpot acquired Connect.com for $10 million in 2022.

Following the acquisition news, Dharmesh shared some comments about the purchase on LinkedIn. Notably, he stated that it was "the most expensive domain name transaction" he has ever been involved in. Considering the $10 million purchase of Connect.com, it is evident that the acquisition cost of Chat.com exceeded $10 million.